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Take Forever To Land Your Dream Job
or WE DO it Right Away

Practicum Today, Full-time Job Tomorrow

What is Practicum Bridging Program?

Wedo Education's career development specialists will assist to place you in your chosen local enterprise within 4-12 weeks of training

What WE DO?

We match you with an industry-specific employer and provide real-world experience, helping you to gain skills that can be applied to future jobs after practicum. 

In-house Training

Our coaches make sure that you will land the job that you have always dreamt of

Customize your knowledge and skills

Become competitive in the job market and blend in any Canadian workplace cultures 

​What customers think?


​Students who lack connections can enroll in this program to have more chance to get connected with big companies


My mentor, Mohammad Kallas, is an HR leader with more than 10-year experience. He helped me in identifying my strengths and made me feel more confident about my resume, LinkedIn profile and interview skills to prepare for my next journey

Mia Nguyen

Food Process Solutions Corp

​Hannah Tran

Student in Mentorship Program

​What will you get?


Job opportunity is secure and leaving strong impression to the employers regardless of how many applicants in the market


Opportunities to move into full-time positions after completion of the practicum placements.


 Your personal profile will then become a strong asset to compete in the job market, helping you conquer any jobs in the future.  

Landing your first job in a short time without experience  

Schedule an appointment and let WEDO land you a job  


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