Day Camp Counsellor

Full-Time (35h) - Contract | Jun. 22 - Aug. 16

Salary: $20/hour

Primary Areas of Responsibility

  1. Assist in the development and implementation of summer programs and camps.

  2. Build meaningful relationships with kids and fellow staff.

  3. Leadership and oversight over children and youth, with attention to community-building and personal development through strong friendships.

Staff Responsibilities

  1. Direct and administer programs aimed at serving children/youth and their families.

  2. Participate as a member of the staff team in the care of people and the community.

  3. Fundraising.

  4. Participate in all staff meetings (morning devotions/prayer and end of day reflections).

This position reports to the Executive Director and Program Directors.

The following words and phrases describe our new team member:

  • Loving (shows genuine compassion to all, a trait we believe is reflective of God’s heart).

  • Humble (is teachable and open).

  • Servant leader (willing to work hard and do any job).

  • Relational (is sensitive to and values diversity).

  • Role Model (develops healthy relationships and accountability).

  • Empowering (wants to help others grow).

Close date: May 7, 2021.